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The Emblem Crew is a series based around Fire Emblem conversations in the style of a sitcom (and also set in the Smash universe). It’s a bit of an experiment, so hopefully it goes well.

An update on The Emblem Crew

First of all, Series 2 is happening and is being worked on right now! I have to say that because otherwise I’ll lose interest and cancel the whole thing, which would be a shame because I’ve come up with some really funny (I hope) ideas.

In other news, I’ve finally got round to sorting out the main page for EC. It now has a less-early-on-I’m-scared-people-won’t-like-this introduction to the series as well as a list of episodes, including some exciting hints as to what’s to come in Series 2!

As for when Series 2 will be released… well, it’s hard to tell. The holidays are starting on Friday, but I have less time than I thought I had due to various trips and stuff. I could start it now, but I haven’t even written drafts for the scripts for each episode (they all have at least one thing I’m gonna put in them, but some really don’t have much at all), and the series would have a bunch of breaks.

It might take a while, but Series 2 will definitely arrive at some point!

– whizzer

The Emblem Crew #10: Challenger Apotheosis (4/4)

It’s the finale of the Challenger story! We’ve got battles to be had, attackers to be revealed, and double digits to be reached in this crazy conclusion to the first run of The Emblem Crew!

It’s so damn long this is actually Part 4 Part 1 and Part 4 Part 2; i.e., two images. Fortunately, they’re right next to each other, so it’s unlikely you’ll actually notice the switch unless your internet is that bad. If you want the whole thing in one image, click here (warning: twenty megabytes).

The Emblem Crew #9: Challenger Assaulting (3/4)

The conclusion approaches… but first, the enemy does.

The Emblem Crew #8: Challenger Advancing (2/4)

Marth is trapped; Fero is trapped; Chrom, Ike, Roy, and Shulk are kinda trapped; and Robin and Lucina are stuck somewhere in between with an attacker on the loose!

But mostly the second and last of those are important for now.

The Emblem Crew #7: Challenger Approaching (1/4)

Fresh from Saturday’s cliffhanger, a new four-parter approaches…

It’s also back to the normal 2-a-row format. Suggestions (and any feedback otherwise) are appreciated on new formats.

The Emblem Crew #6: Challenger Awakening (0/4)

This is my favourite episode so far. It’s in a slightly different format than usual; instead of one very tall and 2-wide image, it’s a series focussing on each character, with each part on its own line. If this is too difficult to read please tell me and I should be able to sort out a more normal version.

Click the image to see it at a resolution you can actually read!

Previous (#5: Foresight)GET UP GET UP GET UP GET UP GET U-Next (#7: Challenger Approaching (1/4))

While I was editing this episode, another alternate format occurred to me; it could’ve been a bit like a timeline, where you’d have multiple things going on on different lines which would all be taking place at the same time, and then they’d all slowly merge into one. I didn’t want to do it for this one because I’d have to modify the script and then redo the conversation images, but I think I might use it in a future episode if it seems appropriate.

This is also actually the longest episode to date, with 68 (conversation) panels, compared to #4’s 54.

Anyway, this is the first in a new multi-parter which, as the name implies, will introduce a new character. And the script is currently a horrible mess that I need to rewrite for Tuesday, but oh well…

Oh, and after a couple of brief mentions, Chrom makes his proper debut in this episode with the unexpected opening line of “IF I KILL YOU DO I CEASE TO EXIST?”. He’ll be a semi-regular from now on, a bit like Shulk (although I can’t really say that because he’s been in every episode so far since his introduction). I’ve also updated the Characters page with him and Cloud.

Update 2016-02-28: I’ve rewritten the next episodes for the third time and I’m finally happy with it, but as a result of this, the Challenger story is now 4 parts instead of 6. I’ve updated #6 and all references to the number of parts to reflect this. It’ll now end at #10 rather than #12.


Original Shulk portrait by jisonshin.

Blue Robin portrait adapted by xgracigloo. I do actually have a bookmark folder full of this stuff just in case I find a use for it here.

The Path of Radiance poster in Ike’s room was made by Audralg a very long time ago.

Official Fero portrait and male Robin’s hair (it’s complicated) extracted by deko.

I haven’t before but I probably should credit the excellent FEITS by SciresM, considering it’s essential to making these. Thank you, SciresM!

Also thank you to all the wonderful people who datamine stuff and put it on the Spriters’ Resource, of which there are far too many to list here!

All other non-text assets belong to Nintendo, Intelligent Systems, Monolith Soft, Square Enix, Sora, and/or Platinum Games or are just public domain (Robin’s scales). It’s impressive how many random things can be adapted and put to good use.

The Emblem Crew #5: Foresight

The fighters settle back in after the battle last time, and discuss what’s coming next…

The Emblem Crew #4: Intruder Subvert (2/2)

The mystery attacker is revealed in this comparatively very long conclusion to the first multi-part story!

The Emblem Crew #3: Intruder Alert (1/2)

And we’re back! Picking up where last week’s cliffhanger left off:

The Emblem Crew #2: ロイ’s Our Boy

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