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Tradia is a world with many differences to ours, but also many similarities. Have a glimpse into a vision of the future in Dissland, where everything is taken care of for you. Explore the glittering streets of Kylan, where everything might just be too good to be true. Wonder why the corporatised people of Tregrihi seem to live in fear of something none of them can name. Decide whether nothing is really enough in Seluam.

Subtle Cupcake Rhythms (2/2)

The conclusion to the penultimate chapter of Evelin’s story. Desperate and alone in a cold city, can a new purchase lead her to a new purpose?

Subtle Cupcake Rhythms (1/2)

Evelin Lomes still can’t sleep. Crushed by responsibilities and abandoned by love, can she build a new way of life?


I try to publish something every year on halloween. I’ve had a lot on with starting uni at all so I haven’t really got anything new worth posting, although I am working on something that’ll be up next month (all going well). Instead, here’s a very old spooky story that I dug up recently and thought was interesting, plus some notes and further context on why I think it’s interesting.

Blue Light Filter II (Minimal)

One year later, fresh fears fill the depths of civilisation. Who are you, and what do you really want from life?


A short piece written for the Writer’s Block Discord server’s halloween competition.


I was looking through the archives and discovered that last week it had been five years since I started working on the world of Tradia. I think it’s just me who cares about the anniversary, but here’s a little bonus anyway.

Cold Open – Part 3

The conclusion to a New Year story about an ancient ceremony and the struggles of a modern politician.

Cold Open – Part 2

The new year’s story continues, with Losyrki reconsidering her position as she experiences an ancient ceremony in the frosty north of Kylan.

Cold Open – Part 1

Happy new year! Here’s a new story to start off 2019 – or rather 998. A politican takes part in a traditional celebration to escape the difficult decisions facing the Kylani parliament.

Blue Light Filter (State of Unrest)

A single midnight in early Zendor clusters together three tales of reality. In the pure depths of Dissland, nothing feels right.

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