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Month: February 2016

The Emblem Crew #6: Challenger Awakening (0/4)

This is my favourite episode so far. It’s in a slightly different format than usual; instead of one very tall and 2-wide image, it’s a series focussing on each character, with each part on its own line. If this is too difficult to read please tell me and I should be able to sort out a more normal version.

Click the image to see it at a resolution you can actually read!

Previous (#5: Foresight)GET UP GET UP GET UP GET UP GET U-Next (#7: Challenger Approaching (1/4))

While I was editing this episode, another alternate format occurred to me; it could’ve been a bit like a timeline, where you’d have multiple things going on on different lines which would all be taking place at the same time, and then they’d all slowly merge into one. I didn’t want to do it for this one because I’d have to modify the script and then redo the conversation images, but I think I might use it in a future episode if it seems appropriate.

This is also actually the longest episode to date, with 68 (conversation) panels, compared to #4’s 54.

Anyway, this is the first in a new multi-parter which, as the name implies, will introduce a new character. And the script is currently a horrible mess that I need to rewrite for Tuesday, but oh well…

Oh, and after a couple of brief mentions, Chrom makes his proper debut in this episode with the unexpected opening line of “IF I KILL YOU DO I CEASE TO EXIST?”. He’ll be a semi-regular from now on, a bit like Shulk (although I can’t really say that because he’s been in every episode so far since his introduction). I’ve also updated the Characters page with him and Cloud.

Update 2016-02-28: I’ve rewritten the next episodes for the third time and I’m finally happy with it, but as a result of this, the Challenger story is now 4 parts instead of 6. I’ve updated #6 and all references to the number of parts to reflect this. It’ll now end at #10 rather than #12.


Original Shulk portrait by jisonshin.

Blue Robin portrait adapted by xgracigloo. I do actually have a bookmark folder full of this stuff just in case I find a use for it here.

The Path of Radiance poster in Ike’s room was made by Audralg a very long time ago.

Official Fero portrait and male Robin’s hair (it’s complicated) extracted by deko.

I haven’t before but I probably should credit the excellent FEITS by SciresM, considering it’s essential to making these. Thank you, SciresM!

Also thank you to all the wonderful people who datamine stuff and put it on the Spriters’ Resource, of which there are far too many to list here!

All other non-text assets belong to Nintendo, Intelligent Systems, Monolith Soft, Square Enix, Sora, and/or Platinum Games or are just public domain (Robin’s scales). It’s impressive how many random things can be adapted and put to good use.

The Emblem Crew #5: Foresight

The fighters settle back in after the battle last time, and discuss what’s coming next…

The Emblem Crew #4: Intruder Subvert (2/2)

The mystery attacker is revealed in this comparatively very long conclusion to the first multi-part story!

The Emblem Crew #3: Intruder Alert (1/2)

And we’re back! Picking up where last week’s cliffhanger left off:

The Emblem Crew #2: ロイ’s Our Boy

The Emblem Crew #1: Role-Call

Hello and welcome to a new series! The idea is that it’s a series of Fire Emblem conversations set in the Smash universe, but vaguely in the style of a sitcom.

Six characters but only two appear in each panel.

Next (#2: ロイ’s Our Boy)

I’m concerned that this first one isn’t funny enough, which is why I’m publishing the first two in quick succession.

(Oh, and I’ve set alt-text, but it doesn’t seem to be showing up. Anyone know how to fix this?)

Migrating posts from the old blog

While the blog technically begins here with the previous post, I’m going to be adding posts from the previous blog, which will appear as old posts. I’ll try to preserve their original form, so I’ll keep notes on them here:

  • Welcome: Short welcome post from the old blog.
  • New portal: Obviously, the site no longer exists. I have no idea if archives or even just screenshots of it still exists, since I barely remember what it looked like. Nothing significant was there, just links to various accounts I had at the time. I thought I’d put it here for “completeness” (read: a laugh, barely any posts from the old blog have been kept). In an incredible coincidence, this was reposted on the exact time the original was, two years minus six days later.
  • Starbound: Chase! gamemode: Starbound is a game that’s a bit like Terraria in space. Back then, the game didn’t have a hardcore mode (it does now, but it’s not the same as my idea), so I made one up and did a couple of videos on it before it fell to the Curse of Episode 2*.
  • Untitled Doctor Who story: This one I do actually vaguely recall. I made it up for my younger brother to pass the time in the car. As such, it will not be very good quality.
  • A joke: Self-explanatory. The joke isn’t.
  • Untitled Doctor Who Story 2: The sequel to the above (not sure how much it continues the plot) that I wrote later. I completely forgot what this was and have very little recollection of what it’s about and how I wrote it. It’s probably awful, but I can just about bear keeping it on here.
  • free animal: Writers’ Bloc is the school writing club. Free writing is where you write utter rubbish to clear your mind, then throw it away. It doesn’t work for me. For some reason I typed this up and published it on my blog. Very strange. “animal” refers to the alphabetical naming system I used.
  • Four Notes From the Fields of War: A poem for my school’s annual National Poetry Day poetry contest. Not much else to it. I think I still have the earlier drafts it mentions. Somewhere. Does anyone even care?
  • The Rain Remembers: And another one! This likely came about from me wanting to use what else the theme “remember” could mean, since it was intended to mostly be WWI related (2014 was 100 years since the war’s beginning).
  • Stuff is happening: And just for a laugh, here’s the final ever post on Blog #2. I was experimenting with Polymer to make a new blog. Aww. As you can see, it didn’t work out.

Note that not everything has been migrated as some stuff I don’t really want to keep. Oh, and there are a few stories I’ve written for /r/writingprompts that I’ll have to try to track down and put on here.

*The Curse of Episode 2 is the peculiar effect that most series I start on my channel don’t make it past episode 2. This is still true. I should be recording and uploading another episode of Fire Emblem: Midnight Sun, but instead I’m writing this. It’s probably because I record two episodes in quick succession, get them uploaded, and then the third episode might get recorded but will fall to some editing problem, procrastination, or otherwise giving up.

Wilkommen, bienvenue, und/et/and welcome!

Hey, I’m whizzer and welcome to the new new new blog! But to you, this is just the new blog! Or probably just “the blog”!

Yes, I’m onto my fourth blog. This one, though. This is the one. This’ll have all the content.

Let’s break down how the others died:

  • “whizzer0’s blog”: I only just discovered this one’s existence today whilst looking through my old old blog. I’m guessing this was hosted on Blogger, but I don’t think it still exists, and according to my past self “I had nothing to put in it”. So yeah, it sounds like this was dead on arrival.
  • “absolutely whizzer” v1: Hosted on Blogger and ran for a bit of time with some posts. I will migrate the posts from there that I’m not too embarrassed about onto this new blog. This one died because Blogger was far too limiting and I wanted to move to a platform I could actually control the whole of. It was a public blog, but can no longer be accessed due to its domain ( expiring into the void and its backup URL ( no longer working for some reason.
  • Untitled blog: exists but is empty and I vaguely recall signing up for it. I wouldn’t count this since, well, it was never used.
  • Codename “Artificial Multiplex”: This was supposed to be for a specific project with a general blog on the side, but it got too messy and I decided to just start over with this one. Besides, the domain expired and I’m not sure how to recover it since gwiddle doesn’t let me change the domain. While technically public, I’m pretty sure I never linked anything on there.

So that’s it. We’re here now. And we’re here to stay.

I’ll be posting all sorts – writing, design, guides, maybe comics, and other stuff.



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