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The Emblem Crew #3: Intruder Alert (1/2)

And we’re back! Picking up where last week’s cliffhanger left off:

Previous (#2: ロイ’s Our Boy)Time to fight.Next (#4: Intruder Subvert (2/2))

The first multi-parter! And the beginnings of an attempt at scheduling. I’ll try to release these on Tuesdays and Saturdays, but don’t complain if I can’t stick to it. The next one is (currently) very long, but I should be able to get it finished for Saturday. Oh, and I’m going to stick with this Shulk since nobody complained. A full set of emotions is very, very useful.

Oh, and I’ve added a Characters page! It also has a few hints on who might join the… what exactly do I call this? A series? A comic? Something else entirely?


Shulk portrait by jisonshin.


The Emblem Crew #2: ロイ’s Our Boy


The Emblem Crew #4: Intruder Subvert (2/2)


  1. Adrian

    You should post these to r/fireemblemcasual

    • I do post them to /r/fireemblem but I wasn’t sure if it’d get enough attention on /r/fireemblemcasual… I might try /r/smashart

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