The conclusion approaches… but first, the enemy does.

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While I have been consistently publishing The Emblem Crew episodes every Tuesday and Saturday, I’m afraid I can’t guarantee that #10 will be out for Saturday. I’m ill at the moment and #10 is quite long, so you could be waiting another week for the finale.

Fortunately, I don’t think anyone is regularly checking this, so it’ll all be fine.

Feedback is welcome, by the way!


Original Shulk portrait by jisonshin.

Official Fero portraits extracted by deko.

The fantastic Fire Emblem If Text Simulator by SciresM is used in the production of The Emblem Crew.

All other non-text assets belong to Nintendo, Intelligent Systems, Monolith Soft, Square Enix, Sora, Platinum Games, and/or Namco Bandai.

And thank you to all the wonderful people who datamine stuff and put it on the Spriters’ Resource, of which there are far too many to list here!