The Scratchovision Song Contest was an annual event I ran around the time that the real Eurovision Song Contest happens. Inspired by some of the cheesier and wackier entries to the ESC, the idea behind Scratchovision was that people would make and submit intentionally bad songs. These would then be put to a public vote, and then we would try and decide what getting first place meant. Most years had a user-voted theme for the songs as well.

It started on the Scratch forums (hence the name) but in 2017 moved to the /r/C418 community, which naturally has attracted its own scene of budding musicians. There weren’t many entries for the 2021 contest, so Scratchovision is currently on hiatus. Perhaps someone else will take over running it.

You can check out the entries from previous contests here:Scratchovision Song Contest 2020Scratchovision Song Contest 2019 (dystopia)Scratchovision Song Contest 2018 (lo-fi)Scratchovision Song Contest 2017Scratchovision Song Contest 2015 (retro)Scratchovision Song Contest 2014