Hey, I’m Coral, and I feel like I should update this page at some point, except I’m not sure I’ve actually done anything since I wrote this that’s worth mentioning. I write stories and sometimes I program and design things. You can check out the stories I’ve written here – I’m currently working on a series of stories set in a world of my creation, named Tradia. It’s got a bit of sci-fi and quite a bit of politics – each country in Tradia has a unique structure and way of life, which makes for some complex interactions.

In addition to writing short stories, I’ve also created two alternate reality games, Mystery of the Emblem and In Reality. ARGs are narratives told as if they were actually happening, and usually involve people solving puzzles to help characters who run blogs.

As for less writingy things, I also host an annual cheesy song contest called Scratchovision. It’s silly and fun and it’s interesting to see what people come up with when tasked with creating something intentionally bad.

Game-wise, I helped create a game called Bull in a Gun Fight for the xkcd game jam. It was a collaboration between me and my good friends Darien, Matthew, and Ethan, and it involves using random objects to have crazy battles.