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Blue Light Filter (Play Along)

A single midnight in early Zendor clusters together three tales of reality. The line between what’s true and what’s virtual could do with being clearer.

Blue Light Filter (Deldee)

A single midnight in early Zendor clusters together three tales of reality. Can you ever be alone?

Coming soon: Blue Light Filter

A couple of updates, including some new stories…

Scratchovision 2018: get your CDs now!

As mentioned in the last post, the 21 entries from the 2018 Scratchovision Song Contest are being released on CD. If you want one of these, they’re now available on Bandcamp.

Scratchovision 2018 results

This year’s contest is now over and the votes are in. I’d like to give a huge thanks to everyone who participated and everyone who voted! If you’re confused, check out this post for more details on the contest.

It’s been a tough contest, with the sample madness of WAH and Jeff Goldblum Is A Real Life Dinosaur to some tracks on a level beyond this competition, such as acid and Bear Paw Sorrow/Awakening. This year also saw the welcome return of Connor (who won Scratchovision 2014 as “timey/wimey”), Mark (who won the 2015 contest as “Silver Media Productions”), and toadcode (who participated in 2015 as “gfinst”).

Scratchovision 2018 voting

It’s the biggest Scratchovision ever and it’s now time for you to vote for the best of the worst!

Scratchovision Song Contest 2018

Prepear to fear for your ear once more, because Scratchovision is happening again! If you didn’t participate in any of the last three, that sentence may fill you with questions. Allow me to answer some of them…

Fill in the Blanks

A new technology seems like it could revolutionise an industry, but what is really going on?


A little creepy story just in time for Halloween. Are you dreaming?

Insecurities: Part 7 – Encounter

I’ve stopped writing the Insecurities series now, but this seventh part was still unpublished – so here it is.

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