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Happy Halloween! I have a tradition of publishing some form of short story every Halloween, but this year I’ve done it a bit differently: it’s an interactive fiction! I’m finally doing interactive fiction and I couldn’t be happier.

I also figured I’d take the opportunity to highlight a few other pieces I’ve made recently for which I didn’t get round to doing blog posts. I won’t go into much detail since they’re better explained on their own pages, but here are some summaries:

  • CAUSE&EFFECT: a database of around 100 pieces of flash fiction I wrote for the Tradia project a few years ago. If you’ve been intrigued by the short stories I’ve published on this blog, this is the motherlode.
  • (Don’t) Save Me: a not-short-but-not-long interactive fiction piece where you play as a professional manic-pixie-dream-girl. I’m proud of this one and it’s been received well so check it out if you haven’t!
  • The Coral Labyrinth: an interactive fiction project I started during the first lockdown and finally released earlier this year. You explore a maze of rooms, each with their own unique mechanic. Also weird characters.
  • Her World (Love)”: back in 2020, I was part of theatre group Concentric Circles’ project Contemporary Love Monologues which, as the name implies, meant I wrote a monologue about love. Initially this would have been a live performance, but this being 2020 it ended up as a series of short films. In the video I’ve linked you can see my piece performed by Mariah Louca, as well as all the other participants’ pieces.

Subtle Cupcake Rhythms (1/2)

Evelin Lomes still can’t sleep. Crushed by responsibilities and abandoned by love, can she build a new way of life?


I try to publish something every year on halloween. I’ve had a lot on with starting uni at all so I haven’t really got anything new worth posting, although I am working on something that’ll be up next month (all going well). Instead, here’s a very old spooky story that I dug up recently and thought was interesting, plus some notes and further context on why I think it’s interesting.

a strange night scene


Improvised on halloween, here is a sort of monologue, or sequence of monologues, mostly about music and ghosts.

Blue Light Filter II (Minimal)

One year later, fresh fears fill the depths of civilisation. Who are you, and what do you really want from life?

Blue Light Filter (Play Along)

A single midnight in early Zendor clusters together three tales of reality. The line between what’s true and what’s virtual could do with being clearer.


A little creepy story just in time for Halloween. Are you dreaming?

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