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Scratchovision 2018 results

This year’s contest is now over and the votes are in. I’d like to give a huge thanks to everyone who participated and everyone who voted! If you’re confused, check out this post for more details on the contest.

It’s been a tough contest, with the sample madness of WAH and Jeff Goldblum Is A Real Life Dinosaur to some tracks on a level beyond this competition, such as acid and Bear Paw Sorrow/Awakening. This year also saw the welcome return of Connor (who won Scratchovision 2014 as “timey/wimey”), Mark (who won the 2015 contest as “Silver Media Productions”), and toadcode (who participated in 2015 as “gfinst”).


Anyway, you’re really here for a list of peculiar names next to a series of numbers, so here ya go:

  1. WAH Assorted Letters
  2. Ana Soraida
  3. Doldrum Slap Spiderpeace
  4. thoughts on the general continuity of time Quirky, typically
  5. Big Band Radio Jingle Mark! Silver
  6. low quality low fidelity datatag
  7. casio (angst mix) midkay, XT3RM1N8R
  8. my cool song idea #1 Electric Sheep
  9. acid Skylar Dryden-Bera
  10. Bear Paw Sorrow/Awakening Beawy, Julian K.
  11. spacetimeimprov toadcode
  12. Unfortunate Truth of Jake Paul Electric Sheep, XT3RM1N8R
  13. Jeff Goldblum Is A Real Life Dinosaur Sufjan Stevens If Perhaps He Continued Making Electronic Music And Got Really Into LoFi
  14. Beawhexa Beawy
  15. Why Failpositive
  16. Puddle Mirror Hypnosis Sir Mapleleaf
  17. lofihifi ghy201
  18. Ewar whizzer0
  19. ((t>>12&1&~t>>11&~t>>10)*(t>>5)*t^(t*(t>>8+(t>>16&1))*((t>>12&3)+(t>>16))|(t>>(5-(t>>16&1)))|(t>>1)))&63 Nick McBel
  20. Stop Dancing! Ben Mast
  21. life/beaw(nil) Beawy, Harrow

If you haven’t already, you can check out the final album over here on Bandcamp.


I’ve wanted to do this for a long time, and this year it’s finally happening! All 21 tracks from this year’s Scratchovision Song Contest will be released on a carefully-designed and crudely-handmade compact disc:

The top three entrants will receive one of these as a prize (something else that’s new for 2018) in the next few weeks, but I’ll also make them available to buy. If for some reason you’ve always wanted to hold some of the worst music ever, then now’s your chance.

Until next time…

Make sure to put your email address down for updates at the bottom of the page so that I can contact you when next year’s contest begins (and also when the CDs are available). Also, would there be any interest in a spinoff, exploring terrible taste in other artforms? Scratchovision Literature Contest?


Scratchovision 2018 voting


Scratchovision 2018: get your CDs now!


  1. toadcode / goldfish

    congratulations to all the winners! 😀 i put my email address on the line where it said email; if that doesn’t work, let me know

    • I meant the “subscribe via email” box at the very bottom of the page – I might have to move it to a sidebar since nobody seems to find it.

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