-aaand we’re back! You might’ve noticed that this page loaded in an uncharacteristically reasonable amount of time. That’s right – I’ve moved to a new host. And also a new theme. And also HTTPS. In fact, the only new thing that’s missing is some new content!

This time last year I posted a poorly-written creepy short story called Sleepless that people seemed to like (probably because I named it after a C418 song), so I thought I’d follow it up this year with not one but three low-effort stories with sinister themes and more atmosphere than plot.

And so I present… during the month of October… exclusively on absolutely whizzer… Blue Light Filter:

  1. Deldee
  2. Play Along
  3. State of Unrest

Hopefully this will flesh out the world of Tradia a bit more for you, too. I’ve been working on a lot of stuff behind-the-scenes but haven’t had a chance to finish any of it yet. Except this, I guess.

I’ll preemptively say that the first part, Deldee, will be out on Wednesday the 17th, but I’ll also preemptively say that I might not meet that deadline because there’s this one paragraph that isn’t quite right.

Header artwork is, of course, by the ever-wonderful Tay Savidis.