Hey, I’m whizzer and welcome to the new new new blog! But to you, this is just the new blog! Or probably just “the blog”!

Yes, I’m onto my fourth blog. This one, though. This is the one. This’ll have all the content.

Let’s break down how the others died:

  • “whizzer0’s blog”: I only just discovered this one’s existence today whilst looking through my old old blog. I’m guessing this was hosted on Blogger, but I don’t think it still exists, and according to my past self “I had nothing to put in it”. So yeah, it sounds like this was dead on arrival.
  • “absolutely whizzer” v1: Hosted on Blogger and ran for a bit of time with some posts. I will migrate the posts from there that I’m not too embarrassed about onto this new blog. This one died because Blogger was far too limiting and I wanted to move to a platform I could actually control the whole of. It was a public blog, but can no longer be accessed due to its domain (aliensandthings.tk) expiring into the void and its backup URL (whizzer0.blogspot.co.uk) no longer working for some reason.
  • Untitled WordPress.com blog: http://whizzer0.wordpress.com exists but is empty and I vaguely recall signing up for it. I wouldn’t count this since, well, it was never used.
  • Codename “Artificial Multiplex”: This was supposed to be for a specific project with a general blog on the side, but it got too messy and I decided to just start over with this one. Besides, the domain expired and I’m not sure how to recover it since gwiddle doesn’t let me change the domain. While technically public, I’m pretty sure I never linked anything on there.

So that’s it. We’re here now. And we’re here to stay.

I’ll be posting all sorts – writing, design, guides, maybe comics, and other stuff.