Happy Halloween! I have a tradition of publishing some form of short story every Halloween, but this year I’ve done it a bit differently: it’s an interactive fiction! I’m finally doing interactive fiction and I couldn’t be happier.

I also figured I’d take the opportunity to highlight a few other pieces I’ve made recently for which I didn’t get round to doing blog posts. I won’t go into much detail since they’re better explained on their own pages, but here are some summaries:

  • CAUSE&EFFECT: a database of around 100 pieces of flash fiction I wrote for the Tradia project a few years ago. If you’ve been intrigued by the short stories I’ve published on this blog, this is the motherlode.
  • (Don’t) Save Me: a not-short-but-not-long interactive fiction piece where you play as a professional manic-pixie-dream-girl. I’m proud of this one and it’s been received well so check it out if you haven’t!
  • The Coral Labyrinth: an interactive fiction project I started during the first lockdown and finally released earlier this year. You explore a maze of rooms, each with their own unique mechanic. Also weird characters.
  • Her World (Love)”: back in 2020, I was part of theatre group Concentric Circles’ project Contemporary Love Monologues which, as the name implies, meant I wrote a monologue about love. Initially this would have been a live performance, but this being 2020 it ended up as a series of short films. In the video I’ve linked you can see my piece performed by Mariah Louca, as well as all the other participants’ pieces.