Happy Halloween! I have a tradition of publishing some form of short story every Halloween, but this year I’ve done it a bit differently: it’s an interactive fiction! I’m finally doing interactive fiction and I couldn’t be happier.

I also figured I’d take the opportunity to highlight a few other pieces I’ve made recently for which I didn’t get round to doing blog posts. I won’t go into much detail since they’re better explained on their own pages, but here are some summaries:

  • CAUSE&EFFECT: a database of around 100 pieces of flash fiction I wrote for the Tradia project a few years ago. If you’ve been intrigued by the short stories I’ve published on this blog, this is the motherlode.
  • (Don’t) Save Me: a not-short-but-not-long interactive fiction piece where you play as a professional manic-pixie-dream-girl. I’m proud of this one and it’s been received well so check it out if you haven’t!
  • The Coral Labyrinth: an interactive fiction project I started during the first lockdown and finally released earlier this year. You explore a maze of rooms, each with their own unique mechanic. Also weird characters.
  • Her World (Love)”: back in 2020, I was part of theatre group Concentric Circles’ project Contemporary Love Monologues which, as the name implies, meant I wrote a monologue about love. Initially this would have been a live performance, but this being 2020 it ended up as a series of short films. In the video I’ve linked you can see my piece performed by Mariah Louca, as well as all the other participants’ pieces.

“Her World (Love)” was written as part of my character Evelin’s storyline, which is sort of a mess but does show how my writing style has developed:

  1. Deldee” (2018)
  2. Minimal” (2019)
  3. Love” (2020)
  4. Subtle Cupcake Rhythms” (2022)
  5. Depado (haven’t written it yet)

CAUSE&EFFECT contains a couple more stories featuring the character in case you just can’t get enough Evelin. (evidently I can’t.)

Anyway, I think that’s all. The other thing to mention is that—all going well—this will hopefully be the last post on this iteration of the blog. Not only is my current web host puting up the rent, I’m sick to death of WordPress and I’m sure you are too. It’s not like I’m doing anything too fancy here—just hosting short stories—so I’m just gonna write my own site in HTML and move somewhere small and quiet. Hopefully it’ll look less annoying and load about 200× as fast and not have any goddamn plugins to update.

‘Til the next life: you’ve been great, and I’ve been Nulla.

(pretend this is something I have always signed off with)