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Tradia is a world with many differences to ours, but also many similarities. Have a glimpse into a vision of the future in Dissland, where everything is taken care of for you. Explore the glittering streets of Kylan, where everything might just be too good to be true. Wonder why the corporatised people of Tregrihi seem to live in fear of something none of them can name. Decide whether nothing is really enough in Seluam.

Fill in the Blanks

A new technology seems like it could revolutionise an industry, but what is really going on?


A little creepy story just in time for Halloween. Are you dreaming?

Suggestion Box (Part 2/2)

The conclusion to a short story set in Kylan in which a true democracy is demonstrated.

Suggestion Box (Part 1/2)

A two-part short story in which the citizens of Kylan are presented with the chance to change everything if they can agree on anything.

The Ministry of Dreams

An old story that set the foundation for my worldbuilding in Tradia. It’s about a country, Dissland, that is fully automated and has an increasingly paranoid government.

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