Here we go. The world is changing and Scratchovision isn’t really, but the worst song contest is back with a new twist anyway.

The Scratchovision Song Contest is an annual contest for budding music makers to forget everything they know about taste and talent and make the most not good song they can. It’s fun I promise!

Like anything that exists for too long, Scratchovision now has a storyline. The first contest in 2014 was a blank slate, one which we immediately wanted to escape from with 2015’s “retro” theme, followed by a hiatus until we found our way back to the future and took a little bit of whatever in 2017. 2018 stripped things back to a “lo-fi” world, but this gave rise to a “dystopia” in 2019. Last year we were all stuck in “self-isolation”, waiting for the world to be safe again. Right now it’s a bit of a mixed for everyone, but there’s definitely hope on the horizon…

So the theme this year is the dawn of a new era, which you may interpret however you wish or even not at all if you care so little. But! For the first time ever there is also an exclusive restriction for 2021. Tragically, during last year’s apocalypse all sample libraries were destroyed in an unrelated arson incident. Luckily, the Scratchovision tent has the previous contests backed up on tape, and you know how important recycling is (or maybe that’s a leftover from the dystopian government). Your challenge is to make a song using only sounds you have made yourself or sampled from previous Scratchovision submissions. This is a combination of a few user-submitted theme suggestions, so thank you to those users!

Entries are open now and will close on Sunday 20th June – so you should have a month to make your monstrosity. Join the Discord server if you have any questions, want to find collaborators, need some tips, or just want to chat. All 85 entries from previous contests are available to download for free from here and you can use any of them however you wish in your entry, as well as your own homemade samples.

Remember, we’re looking for bad songs here, so leave your anxieties and your talent at the door. Worst of luck to you all!