EDIT: Added the word “Four” in the title to clarify the poem.

First poem for the National Poetry Day contest! This year’s theme is Remember.

If anyone’s interested in reading older drafts of the poems, just say in the comments and I’ll put them up.

Four Notes From the Fields of War


War marches on,

Every day and every night.

When the war began,

It was nothing – over by Christmas.

Look at us now – our

Lives have been upturned.

Rain pours down on my lands

Everywhere you look.

My armies are at stalemate

Even though one must win.

My fields are stained with

Blood, all across my once-green grass,

Everything now grey or brown – but for the red –

Rain will wash it away.

The heat of battle is intense –

Here a shot, there a shot.

Every shot could hit its target,

Me or someone else.