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For just stories set in Tradia, see here.

Blue Light Filter (Deldee)

A single midnight in early Zendor clusters together three tales of reality. Can you ever be alone?

Fill in the Blanks

A new technology seems like it could revolutionise an industry, but what is really going on?


A little creepy story just in time for Halloween. Are you dreaming?

Insecurities: Part 7 – Encounter

I’ve stopped writing the Insecurities series now, but this seventh part was still unpublished – so here it is.

Suggestion Box (Part 2/2)

The conclusion to a short story set in Kylan in which a true democracy is demonstrated.

Suggestion Box (Part 1/2)

A two-part short story in which the citizens of Kylan are presented with the chance to change everything if they can agree on anything.

Insecurities: Part 6 – Trick

In which the Catalyst make a discovery while pickpocketing.

Insecurities: Part 5 – Protest

In which the Encrypted State discover the ban is worse than they thought.

Insecurities: Part 4 – Meeting

In which a team of hackers starts to take shape.

Insecurities: Part 3 – Access

In which a former CEO joins an encrypted gang.

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