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Stimulus: “There is a sound like a pebble dropped down a well.” (from All The Truth That’s In me)

begin story

There is a sound like a pebble dropped down a well.

Mostly because a pebble was dropped down a well.

However, this pebble is a very important pebble.

It isn’t a smartwatch, if you’re wondering. Just an ordinary, small stone.

Who dropped it down the well? What pebble is this?

Why is it so special?

That is what I must find out.

The first step? Drop down the well after it.

Which, er, turns out to be a very stupid idea.


There is a sound like a boulder dropped down a well. This is followed by a momentary scream, and then nothing.

I peer down the well. I can’t see anything – it’s so dark.

I hear a familiar laugh behind me. Oh great. It’s Will.

“Whatcha doin’, looking down a well?”

“Shove off,” I reply.

“I will shove off.”

He shoves me off down the well.


There is a sound like a, I don’t know, something dropped down the well.

The well has no guard.

time up