EDIT: This story is an impressive 6093 words and 34624 characters!

So before the new series started I decided to write a sequel to the previous story, but using Peter Capaldi, having him returning to the spaceship but not realising where he was. Then I decided to go a bit timey-wimey.

Just to be clear: this was written BEFORE Deep Breath aired, so all I had to go on was a memory of the trailers. I think my portrayal of Peter Capaldi’s Doctor is a bit different to how he is actually, though maybe I was closer at the start. I don’t know, comment what you think.

This was fun to write, and swapping between two Doctors and trying to effectively move them out of the way of each other while still advancing the story was quite a challenge, and I remember some points where I had to go “How do I make it so that they have a valid reason for not knowing there was another Doctor on board?”. This led to little things like Rory’s headphones, but I still can’t explain why Melissa didn’t bring it up further, or the Doctor didn’t consider there being two Doctors when she mentioned it.

Anyway, just read the thing. Despite the Doctor being a bit different, this adventure’s events are still part of my personal canon. Ooh, that sounds cool.

Oh, and I’m not sure when this is set. I reference his recent regeneration, but there’s not much of a slot between Deep Breath and Into The Dalek because I’m using Clara. I’m sure I can find something.

– story start –

The TARDIS landed, making its classic noise. The Doctor poked his head around the door.

“Looks like a spaceship,” he told Clara.

“Oh goodie. Tell me about it – is it a nice spaceship?” she replied.

“Looks good to me. All the typical spaceship things, there’s wires and grilles and- oh, just come out here.”

Clara stepped out of the TARDIS.

“Looks like a spaceship,” remarked Clara.

“Is it the spaceship you wanted?” replied the Doctor.

“Yeah, seems nice enough. Shall we have a look around then?”

“Sounds like a plan.”

They had a look around. They were in a corridor that would be very good for running down.

‘Let’s hope we don’t have to,’ thought Clara.

They walked to one end of the corridor and pushed open the metal door. There was nobody there.

“Is it an abandoned spaceship?” asked Clara.

“It seems in very good health to be abandoned,” replied the Doctor.

“Recently abandoned, perhaps?”

“Could be.”

There was a wooden table set into the grilled floor. It used to be red, but the paint had peeled off. There were two similar-looking benches on either side of it. It was very out-of-place from the rest of the futuristic spaceship. Not modern futuristic – Crystal Maze futuristic.

“These wires – what do you think they do, Clara?” asked the Doctor, ducking under one of them that went below the ceiling.

“I don’t know, maybe they’re taking energy through the ship?” suggested Clara.

“But wouldn’t it make more sense to put them inside the walls?”

“Yes, I suppose it would. I know, why don’t you Sonic it? You used to be mad about Sonicking things.”

“That’s a good plan.”

The Doctor pulled out his Sonic Screwdriver and pointed it at a bundle of wires with faded colours. Nothing happened.

“Have you seriously forgotten how to use that thing?” said Clara.

“Oh come on, I’ve only just regenerated.”

“Here,” said Clara, taking the Sonic from him and pointing it at the wires herself. She thought what she wanted to do and pushed the button, waving it around as she had seen the old Doctor do.

“There. I’m not sure what that means, but it’s a system of multitransportational hydroelectric reinvigorated power beacons. Does that make more sense to you? I lost it at reinvigorated.”

“No, it’s complete nonsense. Give that here, Clara.”

She passed the Sonic to the Doctor. He pointed it at the wires himself. He thought what he wanted to and pushed the button, waving it around as he had seen Clara do.

“Well?” asked Clara when he seemed simultaneously satisfied and unhappy.

“It’s a system of multitransportational hydroelectric reinvigorated power beacons.”

He dropped the Sonic in irritation.

“Maybe you just need a rest? A lie down? You’re still recovering from your regeneration, perhaps a relaxing trip round the solar system will do the trick and you’ll remember?”

“No, I don’t need to remember, it’s just complete nonsense,” replied the Doctor, still irritated. He pulled out some large scissors and snipped a wire to demonstrate.

“Do you see any water or reinvigorated power beacons in there?” he questioned.

“No. That’s odd. There’s nothing. There’s not even any actual wires in there.”

“Exactly. Something’s tricking the Sonic into giving fake results.”

He demonstrated by Sonicking part of the wall.

“Apparently, the wall is a highly oscillating rebound station. It’s not. It’s-”

“-a wall,” cut off Clara, “Doctor, is this a trap?”

“I hope not,” answered the Doctor hopefully, “But if it is, Clara, then we’re in very big trouble.”

Both the Doctor and Clara exchanged worried glances.

And then an alarm went off.

“Is this the time we start running?” shouted Clara above the noise.

Two large and solid metal walls dropping down in front of the doors said “no chance”.

“Hooray, it’s the other one, we’re trapped. Got a start on the escape plan yet?”

“Oh, shut up, Clara,” snapped the Doctor.

“Okay! No need to be like that!”

The Doctor sighed, but their argument was interrupted by a loud voice coming from a speaker.


“Business as usual,” said Clara.

“Oh, just let me do this!” said the Doctor.

“What’s got into you lately?”

“You know very well what’s got into me!”


“I am the Doctor!” yelled the Doctor, suddenly more like his old self, “My companion is Clara and our intention is not to get trapped, threatened, attacked, or forced to flee for our lives!”

“THANK YOU,” answered the speaker, “WELCOME, THE DOCTOR; WELCOME, CLARA.”

Then the voice changed.

“Yes, okay, you can turn that off now. PLEASE GREET OUR NEW BOARDERS. Fred, I told you to turn that off!”

This female voice was followed by the sound of someone being slapped and then an irritated groan.

“Right. Yes. Hello, welcome, I’m Melissa, you’re the Doctor and you’re Clara?”

There must be a camera somewhere.

“Yep, I’m Clara,” responded Clara, waving, “This is Dr. Grumpy.”

“Hey!” said the Doctor.

“Right, Doctor and Clara. I’ll just let you out of here, you can have some directions to where we-”

Melissa was suddenly cut off by what sounded like an explosion. There was a fizz and then silence from the speaker.

“What was that?” asked Clara, worried again.

“I don’t like to say this but I don’t know.”

“Can we get out of here?”

“Possibly. I would hope so.”

He picked the Sonic up off the floor and started scanning everything again. Then he abruptly stopped.

“Clara,” said the Doctor, cautiously.


“I don’t want you to be alarmed… but that’s a speaker.”

He pointed at the speaker, and looked at the Sonic.

“Well, maybe it doesn’t do the speaker.”


He pointed at the wires.

“Those are empty coloured tubes. And that,” – he pointed at the wall – “is a concrete wall.”

Clara wasn’t sure what to say.

“So it’s broken? Whatever was tricking the Sonic?”

“Yes. And I have a horrible feeling that it’s connected to that explosion.”

“You look like you have another horrible feeling.”



“I’ve been here before.”


Something was bugging the Doctor. Not how he was becoming after that trip to the Wild West – no, it was what had happened before.

Somehow, he hadn’t thought to investigate further how it happened that the Cybermen were on the planet Pelia, collecting gold to get rich; or why a giant spaceship should suddenly appear and attack the escaping Cybership, eventually destroying it.

Somehow it hadn’t concerned him what happened next to the Pelians, the Cybermen, and the gold.

He puzzled over this, and decided to take a quick trip back there before going to see the Ponds again.

He stopped the TARDIS, which was currently heading towards Amy and Rory’s house, and checked the log to find the space-time coordinates. He decided to aim for a bit after he left the imploding spaceship, to avoid messing up his timeline. Still, the TARDIS was unhappy about going there.

“It’s okay, old girl, I’m not there when we’re going.”

The TARDIS didn’t seem to be relaxed enough about this – in fact, she seemed to be warning the Doctor of something. The Doctor didn’t take notice of this and instead used the manual override to go anyway.

The TARDIS begun to land. He had chosen the attacking spaceship as where to land, as it would be safer than risking space.

“Right then!”

He pushed open the door and took a quick look around. Then he decided to go back for Amy and Rory.

“Right, back again! Then we’ll come straight back here, you got that, old girl?”

The TARDIS appeared to agree.


“You’ve been here before?” Clara was saying, “Does that mean something happens here?”

“Yes. I’ve been here twice. The first time was before I met you. I was… different. I was going through a phase of travelling on my own.”

“What was that like? I can’t imagine it, you without a companion!”

“It wasn’t good for me. I met some other companions along the way… but I spent hundreds of years alone. Without others to support me, I broke down. Amy and Rory were still there for me to visit, and in the end, I had to stay with them.”

“Amy and Rory?”

“They preceded you. I must have mentioned them.”

“Probably. What happened to them?”

The Doctor gave her a look which suggested he didn’t really want to answer that question. Clara persisted, looking concerned.

“…they’re alright. Mostly.”

“How can someone be mostly alright? Am I mostly alright? Doctor, tell me. What happened to Amy and Rory?”

The Doctor looked away.


Amy was putting the clothes on the line to dry when she heard a very familiar noise.

“Is that-” said Rory.

“Hello Ponds!” said the Doctor, rushing out of the now-materialised TARDIS to greet them.

“Hey! Well, how’ve you been?” asked Amy.

“I’ve been good, yeah,” replied the Doctor.

“Cool,” said Rory.

“Well, there’s a mystery in space involving Cybermen, gold, a large spaceship and some weird people with heads in place of arms that needs investigating. Fancy joining me?”

“Isn’t that…” began Rory.

“Dangerous? Nah, I’ve already dealt with the danger, this is the fun part.”

“That’s a shame, I was looking forward to my monthly dose of running down corridors,” replied Rory, looking at his watch, “Although… I’m not sure monthly really cuts it.”

“Well, alright then, it might be a bit dangerous. They don’t necessarily want us on the spaceship, and the Cybermen that are left might attack us.”

“Business as usual, I guess,” laughed Amy.

“Well, everyone into the TARDIS!”

They set off.


“So what happened when you came here before?” asked Clara, moving away from Amy and Rory.

“Well, as I was saying, I came here twice. The first time I watched the Cybermen be defeated, the second time I came here with Amy and Rory to investigate what was going on.”

“And what was going on?”


“We’re never getting out of here, so you may as well tell me while you think up a plan.”

“Hold on, any minute now…”

Clara heard something approaching the room.

“Hide!” yelled the Doctor, pushing Clara behind some wires and then pulling off a grille to get them behind.


“Yes, so as I was saying, this ship decided to blow up the Cybership, and- what was that?”

“What was what?” asked Rory. The Doctor put a finger to his lips.

“Hold on, I’m sure I heard something,” whispered the Doctor, “Yes… it sounded like someone said… “Hide!””

“Who?” asked Amy. They had come to a door which was blocked off by a large metal wall behind it.

The Doctor Sonicked a small panel on the wall, and the metal rose, which they could see through the grimy window of the door. The Doctor pushed open the door.

“Well?” said Amy.

“There’s no-one in here, and yet no way they could have got out,” observed the Doctor, seeing the other metal wall rising as well.

“Did something just move?” said Amy.


“Quiet!” whispered the Doctor as quietly as he could.

“Sorry!” replied Clara, “Is that-”

The Doctor covered her mouth.


“Okay, there’s definitely something here,” said the Doctor, looking at some wires in the corner.

“But there’s literally nothing in here,” insisted Amy, “except this horrendously out-of-place picnic table.”

The Doctor was investigating a bundle of wires.

“Look,” he said, “One of the wires has been snipped open, but there’s nothing in there.”

“Maybe they were looking to see what was in the wires?”

The Doctor scanned it with his Sonic.

“But they’re all just empty plastic tubes.”

“What’s this speaker?” Rory asked, pointing.

“Don’t know,” said the Doctor, Sonicking it, “It’s a speaker.”

“Shall we continue?” asked Amy.

“Go on then,” said the Doctor.


The other Doctor and his companions finally exited the room.

“Okay, what was that?” asked Clara, getting out once the door was closed.

“We’re here at the same time. I had no idea until now.”

“But you can’t cross your own timeline or bad things will happen. Doctor, what’s going to happen?”

“To them, nothing. To us, hopefully nothing either.”

“Was that Amy and Rory?”

“Yes. No more questions. Let’s go.”

The Doctor headed off through the door opposite the one the other Doctor went through. Behind it was a long corridor.

“What’s at the end of this corridor?” Clara asked.

“I thought I said no more questions,” replied the Doctor. The two of them were quiet.


The corridor had dead-ended.

“Oh, come on!” said the Doctor.

“Should we go back the other way? I’m sure I saw another corridor.” suggested Rory.

“Yes, well there’s not much point staying here, is there?”

The three of them turned around and began walking back to the room with the out-of-place bench.

“Is that-” began Amy.


“THE TARDIS!” yelled the Doctor.

“What about it?” asked Clara.

“We left it back that way! They’ll find it!”

“Well, don’t you remember what happens?”


The Doctor scratched his head.

“No, sorry. I’ve been on one planet for hundreds of years, what did you expect?”

“Well, we should go back that way!”

They were still going down the corridor.

“Wait. The others came from this way, didn’t they?” said the Doctor.

“Well, yes…”

“That means their TARDIS will be down here. Come on, Clara, quickly!”

They ran down the corridor. Eventually, they saw the familiar police box. They ground to a halt.

“In there!” shouted the Doctor, gesturing towards the door. Clara pulled it open, slightly confused as to why they were going in this one.

“Woah! It’s different!”

“Well, of course it’s different, everyone redecorates once in a while!”

“When did you change it?”

“Just before I met you, the, uh, second time.”

“Nope, sorry. What?”

“Oh, never mind, we don’t have time for this.”

The Doctor ran over to the unfamiliar controls and started fiddling around with them.

“Don’t worry, old girl, it’s still me, just a bit different. I’ve done this before,” reassured the Doctor.

“So this means the TARDIS knew all along while you were on Trenzalore,” said Clara.

“Yes, I suppose so.”

“So what are you actually doing?”

“I’m doing- this!”

The Doctor flung his hands from the console.

“What did you do?”

Clara heard the sound of the TARDIS landing.

“Have we gone somewhere?” she asked.

“No. We moved our TARDIS here,” replied the Doctor, opening the door to demonstrate and revealing the other police box.


“No no no no no no no!” the Doctor was saying.

“But how could it dematerialise? It’s miles away!” said Amy.

“But you said you saw it, right there!”

“Is there somehow another TARDIS?” suggested Rory.

“But how? There aren’t any Time Lords, and I’m right here with you! I made sure I arrived after my old self left!”

“Never mind, I’m sure it was nothing,” said Rory.

“Things like that are never nothi-”

“What?” said Amy.

“What what?”

“What did you see? Why did you cut off?”

“Cut off? Cut off what?”

“Your sentence! You were saying “things like that are never nothing”, but then you cut off!”

“I was?”

“You were what?” said Rory, apparently confused. Amy looked equally confused, as did the Doctor.


“What are you doing now?” asked Clara.

“I’m using some recordings and hologram projections to make them forget they ever saw and heard the TARDIS there.”

“But how? What recordings and hologram projections?”

“Of the Silence.”

He did not elaborate.


Everyone seemed thoroughly confused.

“Come on, let’s go back to the TARDIS,” suggested Rory.

“Yeah, that seems like a good plan,” agreed Amy.

“Fine then, let’s go,” said the Doctor.

They set off back down the corridor, through the room with the out-of-place table, and towards the TARDIS.


“They’re coming back!” shouted the Doctor, alarmed. He fiddled with the controls on the TARDIS console and the other TARDIS, their TARDIS, dematerialised.

“Why did you do that? We could have got in that one!” said Clara.

“Remote controls were simpler.”


The Doctor put a hand over her mouth. Clara caught a glimpse out and saw that the other Doctor, Amy and Rory were coming straight towards them and the TARDIS.

The Doctor slammed the door and pulled Clara away, down an unfamiliar corridor. Clara drank in the sights of this different TARDIS. She decided that she preferred their one.

The Doctor led her through the TARDIS as if he still used this design.

“Swimming pool, library, both, or hiding room?” asked the Doctor.

“Hiding room sounds hopeful!” answered Clara.

“Down here, then,” said the Doctor, leading off through a door that led on to another corridor.


“Did you just hear the TARDIS dematerialise?” asked Rory.

“No, it’s right here!” said Amy.

The Doctor pushed into the police box and his companions followed.

“Right! Where should we go, then?” asked the Doctor.

“How about…” began Amy, but the Doctor was already manoeuvring the controls.

“Where are we going?” asked Amy.

“Let’s find out,” responded the Doctor.


The TARDIS was definitely moving.

“What? It’s in flight!” said Clara.

“Well, what did you expect they’d do when they got into this thing?”

“Do you happen to know where they’re going?”

“Yes, the exact same place, just a bit earlier. I don’t know much else, except they’ll leave unharmed later on.”

“What if we’re on it when they do?”

“I don’t know. I shouldn’t think so.”

“Do you only know about travel?”


They landed.


“Here we are!” announced the Doctor.

“Where is here?” asked Rory.

The Doctor opened the door in response. It looked disappointingly like the exact same spaceship they just left.

“This is the exact same spaceship we just left,” said Amy.

“Not necessarily! It could be an entirely different spaceship that just happens to follow a similar architecture,” insisted the Doctor.

“This is the exact same spaceship we just left,” said Rory.

“Okay, maybe it is. But we definitely went somewhere. Or somewhen. This is earlier!”

The Doctor was reading off some instruments.

“Well, I’m sure this will be an interesting trip,” said Rory, heading out.


“You really must learn to land less… violently,” said Clara.

“I have,” replied the Doctor, simply.

“So have they gone?”

“Only one way to find out.”

They set off down the corridors, the Doctor leading the way.


“Okay, so we’re going this way now,” said Amy, who was leading the group.

“Why are you taking charge all of a sudden? I’m the Doctor, I’m supposed to be in charge.”

“Yeah, well maybe I know enough about spaceships to take charge here,” said Amy, ducking under a thick bundle of wires.

Soon enough they reached the end of the corridor, where there was a little door.

“Shall I open it, Dr. In Charge?” Amy asked.

“Yes, yes, go on then,” replied a disgruntled Doctor.

“Do I get to do anything around here?” said Rory.


They reached the console room.

“Okay, so what now?” asked Clara.

“We need to get back to our TARDIS without them noticing,” said the Doctor.

“And our TARDIS is… where?”

“In the future.”



Beyond the door was a flight of metal stairs that seemed to be falling apart.

“Well, Doctor, I’ll let you go first, then,” said Amy.

“Alright, alright,” said the Doctor, overtaking Amy and going up the stairs. Amy followed with Rory just behind.


“So we need to go back to the future,” Clara joked.


“And… how are we going to do that?”

“We’re going to have to take this TARDIS.”

“But they’ll hear us again!”

“Hopefully not. I remember that I went up stairs at this point, and we can always just make them forget.”

“How are we making them forget things anyway?”

“Don’t worry, I’ve deleted the sounds and holograms from our TARDIS.”

The TARDIS made a sad-sounding noise.

“It’s alright, you’ve got much better things to remember in the future.”

The TARDIS seemed satisfied.

“So how are we going to know if they’ve gone up the stairs or not?”

The Doctor poked his head out of the door.

“HELLO EVERYBODY! IS THIS WORKING? PLEASE TELL ME IF IT IS!” came a sudden voice from a nearby speaker. And all the other speakers.

The Doctor pulled his head back in the door.

“That’s how we know.”


“Doctor, are you sure we should be doing that?” Amy was saying, “What if they don’t want us on the ship?”

“Don’t worry, I’m sure they’ll tell us what’s going on soon enough,” responded the Doctor, Sonicking everything in sight.

A woman rushed in.

“Who the hell are you?” she yelled at them.


The Doctor and Clara heard a woman, the Doctor and his companions yelling at each other.

“I’m the Doctor, this is, er, Fred and, er, Sally.”

“Great, so I’m Fred now,” grumbled the voice of Rory.

“Come on, it’s better than Sally,” reassured Amy.

“I think now’s our chance,” reckoned Clara.

“Let’s go,” agreed the Doctor that was in the TARDIS, beginning to work the controls. The TARDIS made its dematerialisation noise.

“So why can’t we just bring the TARDIS here?”

“The other Doctor has taken this TARDIS to the past. The link between the two TARDISes isn’t strong enough to go through time. I could make it so it could but I’d have to set up some stuff on the console, which would be suspicious if the other Doctor came in.”

“Right… So how did you do all this in the first place?”

The TARDIS landed.

“Here we are,” announced the Doctor.

They stepped out.

“This is about a minute after we left,” he said.

“So where did you leave our TARDIS?” asked Clara.

“Down the end of this corridor,” replied the Doctor, gesturing toward the corridor they first came down.

“Let’s go, then.”


With the aid of the Psychic Paper, the Doctor had convinced the woman, who was called Melissa, that there was nothing to worry about. His name was John Smith, Rory’s was Fred, and Amy’s, much to her disgust, was Sally. The Doctor had a private conversation with his companions.

“Right, so we’re sound technicians,” he told them.

“Sound technicians? That’s your explanation?” said an irritated Rory.

“It makes sense, and it’s better than Sally,” replied Amy.

“Alright, alright,” said Rory.

“Yes, so if you’re done, then we’re going to do some sound techniciany work,” informed the Doctor.

“Do I get to wear those headphones?” asked Amy, pointing at some futuristic-looking headphones by the monitor.

“No, but Fred does,” answered the Doctor, “Sally, you’re coming with me.”

“Next time, I come up with the names,” said Amy, following him down a corridor.

“Fred? I need you over here, we’ve got something,” said Melissa.

Rory went over to the monitor as Amy and the Doctor disappeared down the corridor.

“Right, so I need you to put on these headphones and investigate these new arrivals,” she told him. Rory, or rather Fred, followed.

“They’re in this corridor. They’re moving along towards a speaker.”

“Should we use it?” asked Fred.

“We can try the automated voice system, that’s over here,” said Melissa, pointing on the screen and pulling her long, black hair out of her eyes.

Fred activated the system. Melissa put on a similar pair of headphones.

“I’ll listen to the responses, you read me out what the system is asking to them,” she said.


“Finally!” said Clara as a blue box came into view, “This corridor goes on forever!”

“Well, in we go,” said the Doctor, stepping into the TARDIS.

“Where are we going?”

“Uh, I think we’ll just bring her back up to near the other TARDIS.”



“Fred, I told you to turn that off!” yelled Melissa, and slapped Fred, who seemed dazed. He groaned irritatedly, and turned off the automated voice system.

“Sorry!” he said, “I can’t hear anything with these headphones on!”

Melissa sighed.

“Right. Yes. Hello, welcome, I’m Melissa, you’re the Doctor and you’re Clara?”

Fred, or rather Rory, heard none of this, and so therefore didn’t know about the other Doctor.

“Right, Doctor and Clara. I’ll just let you out of here, you can have some directions to where we-”

The room blew up.


“Was that an explosion?” asked Clara.

“Something like that,” replied the Doctor.


The Doctor, or rather John Smith, came rushing in with Amy, or rather Sally. He was yelling.

“Sorry! Sorry, sorry, sorry!”

“What were you doing? We’ve lost contact with the others!”

Melissa gestured loosely at where the monitor used to be, which was now reduced to a smoking mess.

“I was just rerouting some cables, reintegrating some, er, stuff – I didn’t know it would blow up!”

“It’s alright, it’s alright, we’ll figure something out,” said Rory, or rather Fred.

“You’ll have to pay for this! What kind of sound technician blows stuff up!” screamed Melissa.

“Er, yeah, we’re… not really sound technicians,” said Fred.

“Rory! I mean Fred!” shouted a frustrated Doctor.

“You’re name isn’t even Fred?” shouted a confused Melissa.

“No, he’s Rory, I’m Amy and he’s the Doctor.”

“You’ve completely ruined my very clever plan!”

“At least I’m not Sally!”

“The Doctor? But Doctor who? There can’t be two Doctors…”

“No, just the one of me.”

“But who even are you? And who’s the other bloke?”

“Me, Rory and the Doctor are space travellers.”

“How did you get on here?”


“I’m calling the others!”

“Ah, yes, I’m well aware that you are, in fact, alone on this spaceship.”


“Doctor, how could you possibly know that?”

“Actually there’s us and those other two down in the corridors.”


Everyone wheeled around to Rory.

“I was just wondering if we should worry about the giant spaceship,” he said, pointing out of the window.


“Doctor, they’ll come back and find their TARDIS gone!” exclaimed Clara.

“Yes!” shouted the Doctor.

“Let’s go then!”

“Not yet!”

He pulled Clara out of the door.

“Where are we going now?”

He grabbed Clara and pulled her over to him.

“Clara,” he began, quietly, “That explosion was the same one we heard through the speaker earlier.”

“But that’s-”

“That means that there are currently three different versions of me running about this spaceship, and three TARDISes.”

Clara gasped.

“And any minute now, the other Doctor’s TARDIS is going to land here for the first time, come with Amy and Rory to rescue us (sort of), and we’re going to come back up this corridor, by which time we need to be long gone.”

The Doctor pulled Clara into the other Doctor’s TARDIS.

“What are you doing, that link thingy again?”


“Why don’t you just use our TARDIS?”

“I’ve already set it up here.”

He fiddled around and Clara soon heard two TARDISes simultaneously dematerialising. The noise was verging on painful.

They then materialised again.

“Where are we now?” asked Clara.


“Okay, that is very not good.”

“You’ve said that,” said Rory irritatedly.

“Okay, I’ll admit it, we’re time travellers” – Melissa gasped – “and I know that very soon you will blow up that spaceship, presumably destroying all the Cybermen and valuable gold inside.”

“But why would I do that?” Melissa asked.

“It’s a very good question, and one I intend to find the answer to.”

“Does the ship attack us?”

“Not that I could see.”

“Hold on, did you say Cybermen?”


“We’ve gone back to the time we left, but in a different place so nobody suspects anything. Well, a bit after the time we left.”

“But Doctor, they’ll come back and find their TARDIS gone!”

“No, they’ll find the previous version of their TARDIS.”

“This is confusing.”

“That’s understandable. All I know is that at some point it all works out, and the other Doctor goes home suspecting nothing.”

The Doctor opened the door. The spaceship appeared to be exploding around them.

“You know how I said this would be a very good corridor for running down?”

“You didn’t.”

“Anyway, you know what to do.”


“What’s going on now?” yelled Amy, “Somebody’s going to destroy the entire ship!”

“I’m trying to disable the ship’s weapons, but the only way to do that is to destroy them, which has apparently backfired!”

“Doctor, you’re blowing up the ship!”

The Doctor stepped back from the controls and looked around.

“So I am,” he remarked.


“Up these stairs?” asked Clara.

“Up those stairs!”

“Isn’t this where the other Doctor went?”

“It doesn’t matter!”

They ran up the stairs, the ship blowing up around them.

“I don’t remember the ship blowing up before!”

“If you looked, then it wasn’t blowing up in the area that we were!”

They reached the top of the steep flight of stairs. They ran down the corridor here.


“Doctor, they’re aiming at us! They’re going to fire missiles!” yelled Melissa, “I’m sorry, but I’ve got to attack them!”

“NO!” roared the Doctor, “There’s tons and tons of valuable gold on there! And Cybermen!”

“How are Cybermen valuable?”

“There’s nothing wrong with them! Well, there is, but…”

“The Doctor doesn’t like killing things,” explained Amy.

Melissa hovered over the fire button.


Then an explosion fired them all backwards.

“Yes! It’s gonna blow up the controls!”

“That’s the Cybermen!”


The Doctor and Clara ran through.

“They’re firing at the ship,” said the Doctor.

“Who are?”

“The Cybermen!”

They approached the control room and saw the Doctor, his companions and someone who must be Melissa standing over the controls. Melissa hovered over a button…

Then an explosion fired them all backwards.

“Yes! It’s gonna blow up the controls!” yelled the Doctor. The other Doctor.

“That’s the Cybermen!”

The Doctor, Clara’s Doctor, ran in.


“What are you doing?”

Amy was sure she heard someone hiss that. However, none of them could see a thing through all the sparks, flames and smoke.


The Doctor tripped on a trailing wire and crashed onto the controls. This, unfortunately, included the button that Melissa was hovering over.

“Doctor!” yelled Clara hopelessly.

Through the smoke she could just see the Doctor picking himself up and then running away as fast and far as he could. Clara ran back down the corridor they came up, down the stairs, and into the TARDIS.

She gasped for breath and sat down in the welcoming TARDIS.

But where was the Doctor?


The explosion shook the whole ship. Through the window they saw the Cybership blowing up into a million pieces, flying everywhere. Amy was sure she saw some pieces of gold in there.

The smoke finally cleared, though the sparks continued.

“Is everyone alright?” asked the Doctor.

“Yeah, just about,” said Rory.

“But the Cybermen aren’t!” shouted Amy, pointing through the window at the now empty space.

“Who was that who came through?” asked the Doctor.

“It must have been those other two, Clara and, er, I forgot his name, Mister something-or-other…” Melissa trailed off.

“I’m pretty sure I saw someone go that way, and someone shouting something that way,” informed Amy, pointing at both exits.

“Let’s go, then,” said the Doctor, and set off down the corridor where Amy saw someone run through.


Clara tried the phone on the TARDIS console.

“Doctor? Doctor! Where are you?”

It was useless. She put it down and sighed.

“Oh, when will you come back?” she said angrily.

The Doctor, meanwhile, was running down the corridor. He heard something move behind him.

“They’re following me,” he muttered.

The corridor reached a dead end.

“Oh, why do they have to have so many dead ends on this thing?” he muttered frustratedly. Then he noticed something.

He was standing in front of the airlock.

The others were coming closer.

“I think I see someone moving up here!”

It was the voice of the other Doctor.

“Doctor, that’s the airlock!” shouted Melissa.

“Doctor, why would they come down here?” asked Amy.

“I don’t know.”

They would reach him at any moment and he would be cornered. He couldn’t risk being discovered as a future Doctor – this wasn’t necessarily a fixed point in time, and if the Doctor knew of the existence of his next self then a lot could change.

He had to open the airlock door.


“What was that noise?” Amy wondered nervously.

“That was the airlock,” Melissa grimly informed.

“No! No no no! They can’t go out there! What do they want?” said the Doctor.

They reached the dead end just in time to see a figure jump out of the airlock.

“NO!” yelled the Doctor.

“Come on, we’ve got to close this thing or we’ll all be pulled out!” said Melissa urgently.

“But can’t we save them?” asked Amy.

“Probably not,” said the Doctor with a dark tone in his voice.

“Doctor, what’s that?” asked Amy.

There was something written on the Psychic Paper in the Doctor’s pocket.


“Great,” said the Doctor, oblivious to the meaning.


Clara began to worry about the Doctor. What if they had found him? What if time was being rewritten? What if time would collapse with four Doctors being here?

Meanwhile, the Doctor, or one of them, at least, was clinging desperately to the outside of the spaceship. He could survive for a while without oxygen, and there was some seeping out from the spaceship anyway. When he was satisified that the other Doctor, his companions and Melissa had gone, apparently having found his note, he began to clamber along the outside of the ship. There must be some way in on the other side, or he could always break his way in.


The four of them trudged back through the control room. It was too small to really be considered a bridge.

“Well, we may as well go back to the TARDIS,” said Rory.

“First, a question for Melissa. What happened to you? Why are you here, alone, on this spaceship? Where’s everyone else?” asked the Doctor.

“There was… an accident at the company. Their headquarters went up in flames, I lost contact with them.”

“What’s the purpose of this spacecraft?”

“It’s designed for use in mining, transport, and-”

“And military.”

“Yes, yes. But mostly they’re for situations like this, where we’re being attacked.”

“Well, you’ll be glad to know that all weapons systems are now fully disabled, destroyed or empty.”

“But Doctor-!”

“It’s for your own good. Now, would you rather stay here in this rather explodey spaceship or would you like a quick trip to wherever you want to go?”

“I’ll stay here, thank you, Doctor.”

“Are sure you’ll be alright on your own?”

“Doctor, I’m not alone. There were two people who came as well as you. Only one went… outside.”


Then there was a huge crash and everything began to rush out.


“We didn’t need the spaceship, did we?” said the Doctor to nobody in particular. Of course, now all the air and furniture and wires and things were being sucked out into space.

Clara was unsure whether to be relieved or terrified of the rushing noise outside. She hoped that it was the Doctor, anyway.

The Doctor clung on desperately to the inside of the spaceship. He knew just about where he had left the TARDIS.


“Okay, into the TARDIS it is, I guess!” said the Doctor.

“Hold on, did you just say the TARD-” began Melissa.

They desperately clung onto walls as they began to get sucked toward the large hole in the spaceship. They flew down the stairs and through the corridor. The Doctor spied something blue.

“There!” he shouted, roughly pointing at the police box. He was sure he saw something vanish in the corner of his eye.


“That was lucky, the others are just coming now,” remarked the Doctor, looking at the scanner.

“Do you have no concern for the fact that we were all very nearly sucked out into space and also that you have destroyed a large spaceship?”

“Don’t worry, Clara. The spaceship was defunct. It had no value anyway.”

“What? Why?”

“Melissa was alone on the ship. Her company’s headquarters burned down and she lost all communication. The ship had been looted already.”

“How do you know?”

“The first, she told me last time. The second, the wires.”

“What about them?”

“Did you never wonder why the cables were empty?”



They dropped Melissa off.

“So where to now, Ponds? Or would you like to stay at home, first?”

“Yeah… I think that would be good for now.”

The TARDIS landed.

“Well, goodbye, Ponds.”

“Bye! Keep safe!”

“Yeah… don’t be lonely. Alright? Don’t be alone, Doctor.”

“Don’t worry, Amy. I won’t.”

He smiled as he closed the door. The TARDIS dematerialised.


“Where to now, Clara?”

“I don’t know,” she replied, smiling, “Surprise me.”