Here is a nice link to Starbound: Chase! Episode 1.

Okay, so, yeah, I invented the Chase! gamemode, as you can see.
If you have Starbound, you might want to play it yourself.

So here are the rules:
– When you die, you must leave the planet you are on and immediately head to a new one upon respawning.
You can never return to that planet. You cannot return to collect anything you left on it. (If you somehow died on your ship, then you can’t return to the planet it’s above. If you die in flight, stop playing Starbound and consider your suicidal nature.)
You must stay on or above the planet you are on until death. You cannot fly to another planet unless you die. This is one of those funny rules. You are allowed to kill yourself to go to another planet, but be careful not to leave stuff on the planet!

With that in your mind, here are some tips and tactics:
Always be careful. Goes without saying.
– Make sure you always leave some wood in reserve for fuel and don’t craft it all into planks. I should know better. Spoilers not intended.
Use your ship for storage, not a base on a planet. Because when you die, you’ll be regretting leaving your entire stockpile of diamonds in that chest.
Avoid the night, if you can. Beam up once it’s approaching, and going back to the previous point, sleep on your ship. Make any essential bases there, and never leave anything on a planet you can’t afford to lose.
Be careful when committing suicide to move to a new planet. You will naturally get that “I’m sure there’s something I’ve forgotten” feeling, but make sure you have actually got everything.

That’s all! I hope you enjoy playing Chase! like I did. If you do play it.