[2016-03-24: I thought I’d track down old stories I wrote for /r/writingprompts… I remember linking each story to each other in the original posts, but apparently for this one, the only one I could remember enough of to track down, I didn’t do so. The only other one I can remember was about someone… I think their mum disappeared? And somehow they ended up on Mars? Wait, there was something to do with a wallet or a photo or something, that was the prompt… Maybe I’ll be able to find it.]

[Original comment]

Everyone cheers the Pokémon on.

“Who shall we test it on?” I ask, glad that I could assist in the creation of this new Pokéball.

“How about…”

Everyone tenses in anticipation. Red? Ash? Or someone less obvious?

They all point towards me.

I halt for a brief moment, and then start running. They’re going to test it on me. The player. And I’m not going to let that happen.

But the Pokéball whizzes towards me. I jump and try to dodge it, but I’m cornered. I’m dragged into it, screaming and shouting desperately for them to reconsider this, to let me go…

Next thing I know, I’m thrown out into battle.

“Go, HUMAN!”


A huge flame rips through the air towards me. I look up to be met by a towering Charizard. It’s hot… so very hot…

“HUMAN fainted!”

I’m back out again, this time in a pen within some kind of scientific facility. I see a sign on the wall and realise that I’m in a different region entirely. What’s been happening in between the jumps?

“Hmm… Very interesting…” says a scientist, a professor of some sort, “So is this… Pokéfication… a side effect of the Pokéball or something else entirely?”

“Well, our investigations suggest that really, humans are not all that different from Pokémon.”

“Shall we record you in the Pokédex then?”

As the professor tries to get out the Pokédex to record me, he fumbles and drops the Pokéball into my pen.

I smile with glee as I notice that there are more of the Pokéballs in the corner.

“Oh no! Oh no you don’t!”

But really, having your own team of humans to use in battle is quite fun.