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Insecurities: Part 5 – Protest

In which the Encrypted State discover the ban is worse than they thought.

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Insecurities: Part 4 – Meeting

In which a team of hackers starts to take shape.

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Insecurities: Part 3 – Access

In which a former CEO joins an encrypted gang.

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Insecurities: Part 2 – Collapse

In which a man loses everything but his life.

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Insecurities: Part 1 – Closure

In which encryption is banned and a company collapses.

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The Ministry of Dreams

The first ever finished story set in Tradia. It’s about a country, Dissland, that is fully automated and has an increasingly paranoid government.

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In Reality credits

Well, it’s over, I guess. Not quite as I’d wanted, but we got there in the end, and I’m glad people had a good time at some points.

Several people helped out a lot with this ARG, so I’d like to credit them here:

biscuitboy1211 Team Look in the Bushes puzzle development (Watching You)

KingFail Team Look in the Bushes puzzle development (Watching You)

Benolot support

gayfarang hosting (EFS)

Epicmeister location support

MrsButterfly puzzle concept

Thank you a lot also to everyone who took part in any part of the ARG (Mystery of the Emblem, Part 1, Watching You, and Part 3), and to the rest of the GameDetectives staff for being so great!

Here are all my super secret plans (there’s quite a lot, just to warn you) so you can see what was going to happen if it went according to plan and try the unused puzzles: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0BzXFasEE14qrcW5fZDJCRlg2RGc&usp=sharing

Until next time…


P.S. here’s a bunch of stuff I should probably put here so I don’t get sued or something

Teragon Group, Order of the Crimson Temple and Electronic Freedom Society created by gayfarang and used with permission.

Pangent Technologies created by Human Souls.

Xenoblade Chronicles X is created and owned by Nintendo and Monolith Software.

Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem, the Fire Emblem series, and related assets are created and owned by Nintendo and Intelligent Systems.

Crypt of the NecroDancer, Flickers, Kingdom of Loathing, Legend of Dungeon, The Magic Circle, Moon Hunters, Mos Speedrun 2, Neon Struct: Die Augen der Welt (a video game), Soda Drinker Pro, Sokobond and their related assets are created and owned by their respective developers.

An update on The Emblem Crew

First of all, Series 2 is happening and is being worked on right now! I have to say that because otherwise I’ll lose interest and cancel the whole thing, which would be a shame because I’ve come up with some really funny (I hope) ideas.

In other news, I’ve finally got round to sorting out the main page for EC. It now has a less-early-on-I’m-scared-people-won’t-like-this introduction to the series as well as a list of episodes, including some exciting hints as to what’s to come in Series 2!

As for when Series 2 will be released… well, it’s hard to tell. The holidays are starting on Friday, but I have less time than I thought I had due to various trips and stuff. I could start it now, but I haven’t even written drafts for the scripts for each episode (they all have at least one thing I’m gonna put in them, but some really don’t have much at all), and the series would have a bunch of breaks.

It might take a while, but Series 2 will definitely arrive at some point!

– whizzer

The Emblem Crew #10: Challenger Apotheosis (4/4)

It’s the finale of the Challenger story! We’ve got battles to be had, attackers to be revealed, and double digits to be reached in this crazy conclusion to the first run of The Emblem Crew!

It’s so damn long this is actually Part 4 Part 1 and Part 4 Part 2; i.e., two images. Fortunately, they’re right next to each other, so it’s unlikely you’ll actually notice the switch unless your internet is that bad. If you want the whole thing in one image, click here (warning: twenty megabytes).

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The Emblem Crew #9: Challenger Assaulting (3/4)

The conclusion approaches… but first, the enemy does.

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